Tube Fittings

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    Thread Size: 1/4
    Product Type: ferrule type
    Surface Finishing: steel
    Grade: SS 304 , SS316
    Material: SS 304 , SS 316 Duplex
    Application: Pneumatic Connections
    Size: 3/4 inch
    DIN: 2353

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        • Designed for Process & Instrumentation Tubing’s.
        • Instrumentation Tube Fitting Provide a Zero
        • Leak Proof Seal This Withstands High Pressure,
        • Vacuum, Temperature & Vibration Tee, Elbow & Cross Fitting is
        • Manufacture From Stainless Steel SS. 316, SS. 304, Carbon Steel
        • (CS ) Teflon and Brass Compression Nut Threads are Silver Plated to Extend the Life of Product.


        • Flawless performance
        • Zero defect
        • Long lasting finish


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