Copper Bell Crank Bush

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    Category: Copper Bush

    Inner Diameter: 70 mm
    Brand: Yunax
    Packaging Type: Packet
    Material: Copper
    Outer Diameter: 75 mm
    Surface Finish: Polished
    Head Shape: Round

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        Every day, millions of people are on the move, whether on the road, in the air, or on the sea. They all put their faith in the dependability, quality, and safety of their modes of transportation. Being a maker of high quality engine and vehicle component creating this trust is our primary Goal with vast range of Bushes, Shree covers all applications and purposes in the area of;

        • Agricultural engines
        • Automobiles petrol & diesel engines
        • Generators
        • Heavy trucks
        • Heavy earth movers
        • Light commercial vehicles
        • Passenger cars
        • Railways
        • Turbine, pa fan, FD fan and id fan.


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