Yellow and White Pages Data Entry strategies create stores of data extremely illuminating for organizations. Indeed, even just in our electric age, you can discover even now positively no persuading substitution for Yellow and White Pages in the event that you wish to absolutely discover organizations, services and thing items together with eminent customers in your general vicinity and elsewhere.

You may upgrade both the amount of your clients and the nearness of your independent company by investigation Yellow and White Pages’ data. They could give your imperative deals prospects and begin business bargains. Despite this, gathering pertinent data from Yellow/White Pages is extremely tedious and time serious because of the colossal level of data they have. Seeking by means of all they need to nothing down on the data you yearning might be an intense call. The occupation will turn into a never at any point stopping channel on your money and sources.

Why to Pick us for Yellow and White Pages Data Entry Services ???

  • At Yunax we offer the best quality. We are ISO 9001:2008 guaranteed for Quality Management System and our experts will remove names, postal locations, telephone numbers and email ids from the business index with an about one hundred for every penny exactness.
  • Our services are the most extensive and adaptable in the business. When entering the business repository’s data, our experts extend and institutionalize the contractions, guarantee that city/town/postal codes are steady and accurately sort road sorts. We will, likewise, if necessary, enter business index postings with rate, UDAC and heading solution assignments.
  • We will sort out and enter your Yellow Pages’ data into a configuration of your decision like MS Access, MS-SQL, Microsoft Excel, MySQL, .csv, .dbf, and so forth.
  • Our Yellow Pages Data Entry Service experts chip away at both online registries and checked/printed catalogs with equivalent aptitude. We separate online registries’ data physically. From the checked/printed registries, then again, we catch data utilizing a blend of OCR instruments and manual data section. Contingent on their tendency, we utilize the method which is more plausible.
  • Our client bolster services are accessible 24*7.
  • Our specialists catch the data from white pages, advanced or printed version, and enter them in a favored record organize with 99.95% precision. We can convey the yield in a coveted solution, for example, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, PDF, HTML, ASCII or any database.

Take a Glance at Our Yellow / White Page Data Entry Services

Our organization is known as the most solid and rumored Data Entry Company offering business repository data entry, data mining, data extraction and data transformation services. We can likewise catch data and enter data into exceed expectations entry.

Yunax Technologies gives an entire scope of white pages data entry services, went to helping organizations in increasing simple access to an immense lump of germane data of the intended interest group.

With the correct mix of prepared data entry masters, propelled filtering innovation and adherence to global guidelines of data security, we give solid and precise contact points of interest of individuals and organizations, including their names, road address and ZIP codes, email addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers, property and range data, and a great deal more.

Our Services Regarding Yellow/White Pages Data Entry

  • Data Capture
  • Data conversion
  • Form Processing
  • Hand composed data processing
  • PDF conversion
  • Indexing and Archiving
  • Microfiche conversion
  • Scanning and OCR
  • Tagging and Coding

At Yunax Technologies, we give steady data to finding any data from yellow/white pages onto your pre-characterized database. Yellow/White pages data section includes catching of data and ordering it under applicable headings, which may incorporate fields, for example, indent, organization name, address, telephone number, Fax, email, URL and others.


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