Organizations nowadays confront an uncommon level of security dangers, making it basic to keep up total data security. Offering a full suite of remote/VPN data entry  services, Yunax Technologies can safely get to your business-basic data through remote-get to Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) by building up a scrambled entry over the web. We take after stringent security conventions and utilize secure/devoted associations with remotely login to customer’s frameworks, while guaranteeing outright system security and data classification. Our specialists gather and refresh data from a remote source by utilizing top of the line innovation and modern end gadgets.

Key Features of Our VPN/Remote Data Entry Services

With   and privacy a noteworthy concentration for organizations both little and substantial, Yunax Technologies helps them keep up total data security while specifically refreshing their database/framework.

  • We take into account various industry verticals, for example, instructive foundations, saving money and back, land, lawful, online stores, non-benefit association, statistical surveying, and so forth.
  • Our virtual data entry partners can rapidly take in the product you utilize and input data straightforwardly into your framework with 99.95% precision.
  • Further, we confirm and approve the data against dependable wellsprings of data to guarantee realness.
  • After the data is entered in, our group of Quality Assurance experts check it for consistency, precision and quality.
  • Our remote data entry administrators display the data in a favored solution like XLS, DOC, PDF, JPEG, Nook, Kindle, and so forth.

Yunax Technologies has an understanding of chipping away at an assortment of remote data entry and related undertakings relating to land/home loan, REO and PPO services, online stores, protection claims processing, statistical surveying/advertising firms overview data entry, colleges/instructive establishments program applications, back industry, non-benefit association, and so forth. Our remote data entry administrators can in practically no time figure out how to capably utilize your product.


Why We are Excellent in VPN/Remote Data Entry Services

With complete remote/VPN data entry services, we bolster organizations in disposing of the manual assignment of examining data from printed copy archives and entering it in a record, accordingly altogether lessening the odds for blunders.

  • We have a group of profoundly gifted and prepared virtual data entry partners that works remotely through high-security VPN office to oversee and refresh customer’s database.
  • With a hearty IT framework that screens and controls all get to, we guarantee finish security of your business-basic data.
  • We convey precise and cost-productive remote data entry benefits in industry best turnaround time.
  • Our remote data entry administrators rapidly exchange the documents through watchword scrambled Remote Database, VPN and FTP.
  • We work round-the-clock to ensure that your database is forward.

Key Application Territories of Our VPN/Remote Data Entry Services

  • Image Data Entry
  • CRM Data Entry and Mining
  • Medical Billing Forms Data Entry
  • Insurance Claims’ Processing
  • Questionnaires/Surveys Date Entry
  • eBooks Data Entry
  • Textual and Numeric Data Entry
  • Medical Claims Processing
  • Legal reports Data Entry

With its Remote Data Entry Services, Yunax Technologies securely gets to your data through a remote-get to VPN, helping you enhance business efficiency without trading off your system security. Our data entry administrators can remotely login to the customers’ frameworks, utilizing secure or committed associations.


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