Quickbooks Magento Integration

Magento is a very useful and convenient ecommerce platform for business owners. It is endowed with amazing features maintaining a high-class platform for enterprises allowing merchants and traders to exercise a high degree control over their online store. Again it’s challenging to manage your Magento orders and shipments. So QuickBooks makes it easier for you to handle everything at one go. Yunax Technologies can streamline your Magento account with QuickBooks which enables you to manage multi-channel inventory, shipments and fulfillment. So boost your business with Yunax Technologies and maximize your sales at top dimension to maintain and build up your reputation.

Quickbooks Magento Integration

Magento 2 Quickbooks Online Integration

Magento 2 Quickbooks Online Integration

Yunax can dvelop advanced web and software application to sync your account and manage your sales. Our expertise provides you with the best of services to help you manage your sales and keep a record with no manual errors involved. Here’s a list of services provided by Yunax Technologies:-

  • Yunax integrates Magento with QuickBooks
  • Update your Magento Inventory in regular intervals
  • Ship your Magento orders
  • Integrate Magento with Salesforce
What kind of data is synchronized?

Integration of Magento with QuickBooks

  • Automate and schedule accounting posts by connecting Magento sales knowledge directly into QuickBooks. This will maintain your accounts in precise manner.
  • Sync and post Magento orders as sales receipts, invoices, sales orders, or estimates in QuickBooks. Managing your accounts in QuickBooks will help you maintain everything in one page to avoid unnecessary time consumption.
  • Assign sales transactions to the acceptable accounts, supported payment methodology, discounts, promotions, and more.
  • Enjoy correct accounting and full reconciliation with no manual knowledge entry from any marketplace or platform. This will avoid manual errors and provide adequacy.

Updation of Magento Inventory at regular intervals

  • Manage, sync, track, and expand multi-channel product listings to avoid overselling, backorders, and dangerous reviews. A proper and well-organized listing of products will avoid any unexpected repercussions.
  • Sync worth and amount between your Magento store and your accounting. Syncing everything will help you keep a record in one page.
  • Map merchandise and mechanically produce missing merchandise in QuickBooks or NetSuite and your Magento store. This will prevent unnecessary losses and will map your products properly.
  • Create purchase orders in QuickBooks for orders with out-of-stock things. Keeping these records will aid you to order out-of-stock and most prevalently bought commodities.

Quickbooks Magento Sync

Ship your Magento Orders

  • Generate shipping labels with all major shipping processors: Stamps.com, FedEx, UPS, and Endicia. The generation of shipping labels will prevent ambiguity while assigning shipping to different shipping processors.
  • Process partial or multi-package shipments and track them at item level. This ensures hassle-free shipping with proper deliveries to the specific customers.
  • Compare rates between shipping carriers for the most effective deals. This will ensure proper and convenient expenses.
  • Prints decide lists and customized packing slips to maintain organized contents.
  • Post completed orders with following ID back to your Magento store and send word to customers directly. This will ensure on-time service maintaining a good reputation.
  • Easily manage drop-shipping with Magento to provide hassle-free services to customers.

Integrate Magento with Salesforce

  • Automatically set order and client information from Magento into Salesforce. This will ensure proper maintenance of record with no errors or mistakes.
  • Avoid duplication assuring guaranteed correct purchase history recorded in Salesforce. This will ensure authenticity of your brand and provide proper services to customers.
  • Track all of your customer’s info and order history in Salesforce to boost your services and marketing. This will help you reach out to multiple buyers and maximize your profit.

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Yunax Technologies hence helps you maintain a good reputation by syncing your account with QuickBooks. This ensures maintenance of records in one-page and avoids all the manual errors since everything is updated automatically. Hence, associate with Yunax Technologies and maximize your sales with the best of technologies and services provided by us. So maintain your sales with accurate records and provide the best services to customers by integrating you Magento sales account with Quickbooks.

Technical Requirements

  • QuickBooks USA version: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 (Pro, Premier, Enterprise), 2017 (Pro, Enterprise)
  • QuickBooks Canadian version: 2010 (Pro, Premier), 2016 (Pro, Premier, Enterprise), 2017 (Pro, Enterprise)
  • QuickBooks UK version: 2010 (Pro, Premier)
  • QuickBooks Australian version: 2010 (Pro, Premier)
  • Magento Community or Enterprise Edition or higher.
  • Magento API version 2.0 or higher.
  • PHP version 5.3 or higher.
  • Server running the Magento API must have at least 1 GB of memory.

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