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Vacuum Solenoid Valve

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    Category: Solenoid Valve

    Minimum Order Quantity: 100 Piece
    Valve Size: 1/2 -2
    Material: Brass/Bronze
    Pressure: 0 To 10 bar
    Actuation Type: SINGLE ACTING
    Coil Voltage: 24V

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        We are the top supplier of solenoid valves, which come in a wide range of distinct styles and variations. For the characteristics and quality of our products, we enjoy great regard. These are all provided to various clientele all around the country after being carefully adjusted utilising advanced techniques. Our goods have undergone quality checks and are offered at the lowest possible prices.

        Superior quality
        Various sizes
        High performance

        General Purpose SV G 1/8″ – G2″
        SV for low/high pressure stem
        Vacuum SV
        Proportional Direct acting SV
        High Pressure SV
        SV for potentially explosive atmospheres
        SV for vending
        SV for food fluids and coffee machines
        SV for compressors and air treatment
        CV for chemical and pharmaceutical industry


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