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Medical Oxygen Plant

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    • Turn-key project and removable, easy for installation and operation
    • Small and easy machine room
    • Heat and sound insulation treatment
    • Smart monitor and control system, support for remote data transfer.
    • Medical Pressure Swing Adsorption Oxygen Generator Technology
    • PSA oxygen generator can produce 93%±3% purity oxygen gas directly from compressed air.
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        As massive changes have taken place in the field of medical science and research in last few decades; now the hospitals and medical research centers all across the globe have emphasized on oxygen generation facility and other similar developments. Now the hospitals have shifted to establish their own base for generation of oxygen within their premises and further more developments and research are expected in the field. Oxygen PSA medical oxygen generators are a smart and durable generators which provide hassle free oxygen generation by keeping intact the purity standards. Oxygen purity accepted as per general norms is 93% with variation of + or – 3% and purity level below 90% are not suitable. The new smart devices comes with a facility that the gas generator stops instantly as the purity level drops below 90% and back up supply is connected. Thus, Yunaxtech plants are a smart oxygen generator ensuring purity level along with consistent generation of oxygen required in any hospital.

        Since years, we have provided thousands of such Yunaxtech medical oxygen plants and reputed medical institutes across the national and international level have seamlessly used the oxygen generation facility from years and we are glad to present our all new Yunaxtech medical oxygen plants with precisely high purity level and auto back up switching mechanism.

        Traditional method used by hospitals was using liquid oxygen facilities and cylinders. Such traditional method required logistics and human resource support and hence it added up to certain liabilities like high costing and high time consumption. While Yunaxtech medical oxygen plants bring down man power and logistic cost by a huge margin and provides a hassle-free facility with low cost to the hospital. Such medical oxygen plant is also advantageous in high risk conditions like COVID-19 spread, where it provides instant oxygen generation with high purity levels and numerous lives can be saved with very low logistics and man power support. The future relies in modern advancement and hence the day by day changing industry of medical science has shifted to oxygen generation plants.

        Working procedure:

        Modern medical oxygen plants work on basis of pressure swing adsorption (PSA) principal. PSA is one of the most used principal in the field of medical sciences and several developments have been made in it within last few decades. The air which passes through the compressor has an organized formation of various gases (78% nitrogen, 1% argon and remaining 21% is oxygen). The nitrogen gets separated and hence it yields high purity level of more than 95%. Each and every gaseous element has property of attraction or repulsion to specific materials; similarly nitrogen has a property that it gets attracted to Zeolite (type of minerals) and oxygen is very less attracted to such minerals like zeolite. PSA structure contains towers made up of zeolite base and hence when the air passes through it; nitrogen gas gets attracted to zeolite belt and hence only oxygen passes to the end of the zeolite bed as it is less attractive to the material. Hence oxygen is obtained in the tank and finally absorbed nitrogen is released by the pressure and the oxygen tank is filled by repeating this process.


        Our medical oxygen plants are delivered along with the components required for the mechanism and the components are following:

        • Program logic controller (PLC) based oxygen generator.
        • Filtration units for bacterial and microbes.
        • Oxygen tank and back up facility.
        • Advanced air compressor and dryer.
        • Purity ensured by oil filters.

        The oxygen tank and back up facility can be connected to the pipeline providing oxygen in the hospital. Another alternative or parallel pipeline can be connected to the backup oxygen supply unit. Such a mechanism provides hassle free oxygen generation and in case of fall of purity level or any other similar incident; the backup unit can stay active and continue the consistent supply of oxygen. Hence our oxygen plants are secured, advanced and suitable to the demand of the modern-day medical science industry.

        Advanced technology:

        Safety and consistent process is guaranteed and safeguarded by oxygen purity mechanism. A digital user friendly analyzer is provided to measure and track the purity level of the oxygen generated. Automatic mechanism stops the flow of oxygen to the storage tank on immediate basis when the purity level falls below the standard criteria and an alarming signal is raised. Consistent supply of oxygen is must necessary and hence the backup storage provides the flow of necessary oxygen until the malfunctioning of regular storage is not removed.

        We also provide oxygen cylinders which can be connected as backup and can be used in conditions where the regular oxygen generation falls below the desired purity levels.

        Various oxygen delivery systems:

        • Simple and basic delivery system is suitable for most of the hospitals demand. Simple plan provides consistent flow of oxygen and in case of fall of purity level the panel is switched to oxygen cylinder for continuous flow.
        • Advanced flow system of the machine is modified and upgraded version of simple system. Such system is ideal for certain remote locations and hospitals which have low logistics support. Such a system has cylinder manifold backup structure.
        • Advanced cylinder system is another way method in which client can assemble backup cylinders and therefore it doesn’t require any cylinders which are to be purchased from exterior market.

        World wide acceptance:

        Our expert team and medical researchers have profoundly researched while designing and structuring the oxygen generation plant. Hence, Yunaxtech medical oxygen plant provides a hassle free and consistent flow and generation of oxygen and it significantly brings down the cost of logistics and human resources. Also, auto backup and digital purity analyzer are also equipped to ensure desired purity levels of the generated oxygen. The worldwide accepted purity level of oxygen is 93% with variation of + or – 3% and hence no toxic or any other such similar content should be used to treat the oxygen tank as it can be harmful and it needs to be handled with care. The level of purity should be maintained and it should not fall below 90% level and it should not rise about 96%. Most of the remaining gaseous components include argon and nitrogen gas. We provide the best suitable and smartly designed oxygen generators which are ideal for any sort of hospitals and such machines prove to be advantageous in emergency situations like Covid-19 spread.

        Choose your model:

        Contact us right now and get further more notifications about the oxygen generator and choose an oxygen generation system which suites the demand. We also provide smooth post sales service and quick delivery of the machine. Our customer care would be glad to help you buy a new generation oxygen plant at best rates and you can avail best in class delivery and system experience as we a leading providers, manufacturers and dealers of the machine since decades.