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Medical Oxygen Gas Generator

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    Flow Rate(LPM)/(Nm3/Hr): 125 LPM / 7.5 Nm3/Hr
    Air Compressor (kW): 11 kW
    Technology Used: PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption)
    Purity Of Oxygen: 93+-3%
    Application: Medical
    Outlet/Discharge Pressure: 4 Bar (g)
    Type of Compressor: Screw Air Compressor
    Compressor Brand: Ingersoll Rand, ATLAS COPCO, Elgi, KAESER
    Type of Dryer: Refrigerated Type Air Dryer
    No. of Air Receiver: 1
    Automation Grade: Fully-Automatic
    Design: Customized
    Filtration Stages: 3 STAGE
    Mounting: SKID
    Space Required (L*B*H): 6*3*3
    Installation Time: 100-120 Days
    Approval & Lisence: U.S. FDA
    Dew Point: -40 Degree Celcius
    Initial Pressure: 0.05~0.55 Mpa

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        We are a well-known Medical Oxygen Generator manufacturer and exporter. Compressed air is passed through a twin tower PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) module that is internally coupled with automated changeover valves in these generators. After going through a Refrigerated Dryer, the air is dried. The dried compressed air will next be passed through a bed of Zeolite molecular sieves (ZMS). Features: Fully automated operation needs no particular care. Produces oxygen just when it is needed. It is simple to setup and maintain.