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Absorption Air Dryer

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    Category: Air Dryer

    Air Flow: 34 m³/h
    Power: 220V/1Ø/50 Hz
    Temperature: -20 C
    Usage/Application: Air Drying
    Drying Capacity: 250 CFM
    Dryer Technology: Dessicant
    Dryer Horse Power: 1 HP
    Minimum Output Dew Point: -30 C
    Maximum Pressure: 10 bar
    Warranty: 12 months
    Phase: Single
    Material: Mild Steel
    Automation Grade: Automatic

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        We are well known manufacturer, supplier, trader and dealer of absorption dryer machines since decades. Absorption dryer machines are equipped with two towers and both the towers are filled with absorbing material like silica gel, alumina and other similar such materials. The compressed air is passed through such moisture absorbing materials and hence maximum moisture is removed in the process. Further when moisture in form of water is absorbed by materials in the machine; dryer is designed to use compressed air to repel the moisture and the water distillation is also prevented by dew point pressure absorber. Our experts have designed the absorption dryer machine in such a way that it suites best as per industrial requirements of the clients. Machine is made durable and structured in a manner to cost less maintenance over a period of time. Rugged construction of the machine ensures smooth workflow and desired output. Absorption dryer can be equipped with three tower system as per the special need of the client and further modifications can be made for specific industries. It can be used in chemical, food processing, drug and pharmaceutical industry. Check out quotes and features of absorption dryer machines and buy it at best rates in the market.

        Salient Features of Absorption Air Dryer

        • Low Energy Costs: Savings of 25 % are possible compared to conventional systems
        • Two layered desiccant bed: Balanced desiccant between water resistance and high efficiency water retention for optimum dew point stability
        • Active heating under vaccum: The vapourisation temperature is 98 °C
        • Low regeneration temperature: For the desiccant bed compared to conventional systems.
        • Intensive cooling: Using the vacuum without any heat generation from the vacuum pump.
        • No air loss
        • Regeneration without purge air: High temperature difference even after the cooling phase
        • Pressure build-up on the wet side: Guarantees no purge air even on the pressure buildup phase.
        • Dew point control as standard
        • Changeover without dew- point peak: The moisture entering the desiccant bed during the regeneration and cooling phase never reaches the drying zone.
        • Reliable dew point down to –70 °C: Standard dew-point available at -25 °C and -40 °C.
        • Function alarm: For pressure, inlet temperature, heating, vacuum pump and vessel changeover in new design.
        • Alternative energies: Available for regeneration as an optional extra: steam, hot water. Please consult Parker Zander for other heat sources.