DTBooks (Daisy Digital Talking Book) are audio portrayals of the print distributions, composed particularly for individuals with print incapacities, for example, dyslexia, hindered vision and visual efficiency. An XML-based document file format, DTBook is a universally perceived standard supporting synchronized content and discourse with the goal that they are safe by means of headings, pages, references, and bookmarks.

Let Yunax Technologies help you convert over and make DTBooks from document formats like PDF, Word, Quark, InDesign, and so forth. We guarantee that the books can be perused and tuned in different gadgets like cell phones, media gadgets, desktops, tablets and independent DAISY players, and visual components and sound clasps are precisely installed in the records.

Our Master Services Regarding DTBook Conversion

Our key DTBook Conversion Services, include :

  • Creating and converting over substance into XML-NIMAS records turned in to ANSI NISO Standards
  • Adhering to DAISY Consortium Standards to make DTBooks
  • Accurately implanting sound records and including visual components
  • Ensuring clear, exact route with the capacity to bookmark the records

We are capable of making DTBooks for an extensive variety of gadgets like cell phones, tablets, mixed media gadgets, desktops and extraordinary players implied for talking books, and with our services bolster government offices, writers, distributors, colleges and associations, around the world.

Why our Yunax Technologies is best in DT book conversion ?  

Yunax is an expert DTBook conversion organization in India offering world class book conversion services to the little, medium and expansive business firms all over the globe that outsource to us.

Outsourcing your work to us brings lavish advantages like

  • Time sparing
  • High end precision kept up
  • Use of cutting edge sound conversion instruments
  • Completely protected and secured variants are utilized

Have a Stunning & Unique Experience with Our Everlasting Services !!!

Outsourcing daisy digitalized talking books conversion to us would likewise offer you unmatched quality and significant sparing. Likewise, our specialists entirely cling to the world gauges viz, DAISY rules and W3C models.

We give progressed digitalized sound creation records that can be effectively bookmarked and can be effortlessly sought on the web.

Yunax Technologies offer an entire scope of DTBook conversion services, creating digitalized talking books for perusers who are slanted to hear and explore composed substance gave in a capable of being heard organization, incorporating individuals with print incapacities.

Why Yunax Technologies for DTBooks Conversion Service ???

Regardless of whether your substance is put away in a Word record, PDF, InDesign, Quark, printed book or digitalized organize, we can precisely conversion over it into an XML-based document in agreement to the rules of NIMAS.

Encourage, our specialists take after the specialized norms exhibited by DAISY (Digital Accessible Information System) to make intelligent and effective traversable digitalized talking books.

Other than offering the advantages of consistent book recordings, books in light of DAISY 2.02 have up to six installed “route levels” for substance and for exhibiting synchronized content to discourse.

As a feature of DTBook conversion services, we include route instruments and intelligent elements in the books, making it simple for the perusers with perusing and visual handicaps to effortlessly experience, explore and bookmark the substance.

While customary book recordings need look and require direct tuning in, DAISY books empower the audience members to explore a reference book, move to the following or past sentence, page, or section, and so on


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