Documents convey basic data that maintains your business and serve your clients. Our document management innovation and ability guarantee your business data remains open, adaptable and secure. Regardless of whether it’s on paper, sophisticated or both, our document management and services help you get greatest data esteem while streamlining document forms.

What does Yunax Technologies Offer ?

We incorporate the three basic components of document management service: capture (the making of data), conversion (how data moves around a business) and manage (preparing data in an approach to include business esteem).

Before sending Managed Document Services, we think about how your business gets to, utilizations and stores both print and electronic data. By taking a gander at your gadgets and printed data, we work to improve that foundation to ensure your representatives have the correct support to carry out their employments successful. We then take a gander at client info and yield.

We apply printing service advances to boost profitability, dispose of waste and costs, and oversee the data. At that point, with a cautious eye on related data security issues, we adjust and improve those procedures to make them more productive and compelling—and help you deal with that change all the more adequately. We work with you at all times our suggestions to your plan of action to make an excursion of ceaseless change.

Yunax offers devoted and tried solutions to deal with your records. The records are overseen in a settled and interesting stream which are as indicated by our quality principles. What’s more, there is no possibility to skirt any progression, since we realize that how critical it is for your business development.

Glance At Our document management services

  • Capturing and Storage
  • Retrieval and Processing of Document
  • Printing with Latest Technology
  • Dedicated Routing
  • Successful Distribution

Our Document Management Solution can be utilized for :

  • Scanning and Archiving of Documents
  • Storing Image Files in TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PCX, PNG and BMP Formats
  • Microsoft Office Documents
  • Portable Document Format (PDF)
  • Audio/Video Files/clasps; and CAD/CAM Drawings

Obtain great advantages of our Document management services

  • Oversee documents effectively Save time and cash:

The conventional method for putting away and overseeing documents is losing notoriety quick and more brilliant organizations have begun utilizing on the web document management solutions. The thought behind utilizing on the web document service for your business is straightforward. You spare huge measure of time, deal with association’s data proficiently with no dread of losing or losing a record and spare cash by controlling paper cost.

  • Recognize what it accomplishes for you:

Yunax Technologies, helps you store, recover, share, deal with your organization’s documents on the web. Not at all like numerous other document management service solutions, it’s anything but difficult to utilize and doesn’t require any product establishment. It offers a straightforward inquiry usefulness that helps you recover any documents in a matter of seconds. You can store a wide range of documents, for example, records, deals and advertising materials, extend documentation, lawful, HR records, and so forth. You can get to record from any area the length of you have a web association.

  • Openness and Security:

Our document management service gives you full affirmation that your archives are secured and are accessible day in and day out, with expert item bolster year round. The security considers needs a unique specify in light of the fact that as a business, you have to store a great deal of secret information of monetary and legitimate nature.

  • Recognize what it ensures:

Documents can be gotten to from anyplace: office, home and outside on PCs, tablets and cell phones like iPad, iPhone, Android or remote gadget. Yunax Technologies ensures increment in profitability and proficiency .It likewise ensures fantastic client benefit, enhanced connections, customer fulfillment, and your true calmness.

Why our Document Management Service is a Better Choice?

Hiring Yunax Technologies doesn’t just mean employing a group of document management service experts. It implies significantly more than that.

We at Yunax Technologies, are around 100 enthusiastic specialists who love to invest a decent measure of energy deduction how might we help organizations develop.

Over many years we have had 1500+ triumphs and we really consider ourselves document management service specialists. Perused what our glad customers need to say in regards to our services.


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