The digitization ventures we have effectively executed have consolidated everything from daily papers, books, diaries, lexicons and other printed data to photos, maps, sound, video and the substance of existing databases and advanced libraries.

One of the key initial phases in a Publishing venture is the conversion of paper, pictures or other physical things to advanced documents. Equipped with over many years involvement, our group can prompt you on the most suitable advanced solution and can give high caliber and intensely estimated data conversion services.

Our Master Services Regarding Digitization and Data Conversion

Our end-to-end report filtering and imaging services meet both print and web (for conveyance over the web, through light-weight PDFs and eBooks) necessities.

We can convey examined the pictures in yield configurations, for example, TIFF, PNG, JPEG2000, SVG, JPEG and GIF pictures.

We additionally furnish photograph examining with shading remedying, picture control and line workmanship filtering. Should you require, we make metadata per XMP arrange and implant them into the picture for ordering.

Yunax Technologies has been included in various Digitization and Data Conversion ventures, extending in size from a couple of hundred of a large number of things. Yunax Technologies has broad involvement in giving digitization, data conversion services.

At Yunax Technologies, we have the assets, innovation and involvement in advanced conversion of substantial volumes of substances- daily papers, books, diaries, articles and so on from both print and electronic picture designs.


Our Digitization and Data Conversion Service Process

  • At essential stage the genuine need of the customer is completely checked.
  • After that the spotted records are gathered from the client and are adjusted legitimately.
  • Aligned records are filtered and spared as picture documents.
  • The filtered documents or pictures are converted over into content documents with the utilization of Optical character recognition (OCR).
  • The archives or data are spared to give a point by point document names which are named as ordering the reports.
  • The documents are sorted out in isolated or joined PDF records in the wake of taking in thought the correct prerequisite of the client.
  • At the end of the procedure quality control is done to amend all the minor mistakes that may have remained and afterward computerized pictures and record data are conveyed in organizations indicated by our clients.

Reason to Pick us for Digitization & Data Conversion Service

Yunax Technologies represents considerable authority in high volume data capture and substance transformation, and have additionally taken care of uncommon, high-esteem content and picture content.

We work with customary distributing work processes and rekey distributed or unpublished work. Other than OCR data capture, we have conveyed keyboarding with ensured exactness rates.

Yunax Technologies gives multilingual keyboarding/writing and data section services. We work in every single fundamental dialect, including English, French, German, Spanish, Swedish and Italian.

Twofold keyboarding/Double passage methods: To guarantee the ideal precision level of the data, we take after re-key check and documented approval process.

Believe in our group as your digitization band together with involvement in everything from great keyboarding/re-keying of little volume, high-esteem materials to mass filtering and preparing of tremendous accumulations of books, magazines, diaries and daily papers.


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