Without standard data values in your client records, business records and on the web and offline databases, you might send mail to terrible locations, spoling your email marketing endeavors or even losing clients.With Data standardization services of Yunax Technologies you can get a standardized database that guarantees that your data can be shared over the venture, with no inconsistency.

Data Standardization Services

Key Features of our Data standardization services

We deliver a total scope of data standardization services to give clear information that the clients can without much of a stretch understand, while guaranteeing it is steady and dependable so it can be sought and distinguished utilizing common terminology and configuration. Utilizing a blend of cutting edge data purifying and coordinating systems, our specialists carefully standardize terms, words and also particular characteristics, with respect to the volume and sophistication.

Our specialists convert content cases and standardize client databases and additionally business venture applications, comprising of the following data:

1. Customer’s name and address information

2. State and nation name

3. Product information, including product IDs, brands, record numbers, models, and so on.

4. Company name

5. Contact numbers

6. Business information

Our information data standardization services include:

Data quality issues can block your business forms, in this manner, making it essential to have simple access to clean, predictable information that prompt to operational efficiencies. To help you accomplish that, Yunax team offers data standardization solutions at savvy costs. Our specialists are skillful at purging and standardizing client data, money related records, brand information and sections on Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and other online and in addition offline databases.

Our experts grasp, decode and compares data proficiently to give you spotless, reliable data that can be shared over the association. We hold involvement of over many years and a half in tune global customers crosswise over different industry verticals and specialties.

  • Proper case designing
  • Company name standardization
  • State and nation name standardization
  • Person name parsing
  • Address standardization
  • Contact number standardization and approval
  • D-U-N-S and TIN numbers correction

Why hire Yunax Technologies

At Yunax Technologies we are building the most profound and broadest product database on the planet. Our main goal is to investigate, arrange, and foresee the product data on the world so that everybody can follow up on it. As eCommerce gets to be distinctly universal, there’s currently an up and coming requirement for the general data index. We will probably give each and every product over the world their extraordinary recognized. In this way, at whatever point a specific product was seen by an end client, the whole inventory and offers appended to the product can likewise be seen at rest

Advantages of our Data standardization services

Yunax Technologies utilizes an approach that depends on the mix of the most developed strategies in parsing that are based on the regular processing methods in dialect, configurable solutions of the business rules, and fluffy references in libraries. The upsides of our Product Data Standardization benefit incorporate the accompanying:

  • Profiling of item information can give you a knowledge into the present condition of product information
  • Classifying the item information to the benchmarks, for example, eClass, GS1, 1SYNC, UNSPSC or other legitimacy models.
  • Standardizing of the product data utilizing the reference documents from the producers, the product inventory records, and the utilization of custom standards.
  • Handling the issues in the depictions of product data, for example, commotion, spellings and varieties in the data utilizing a rich, fluffy solution of coordinating libraries.
  • Supporting both the organized and the unstructured data sources, for example, Text Files, PDF, EDI, Excel Files, databases and other file positions.
  • Real time looking and coordinating choice that will permit numerous application to have an entrance to the standardized data.

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