Data Scrubbing, likewise called as data purifying, is the way toward recognizing inaccurate, invalid, old, fragmented and obsolete data from a database, and correcting it to guarantee that the dataset is precise, present and terminated. At Yunax Technologies, we give excellent data scrubbing administrations at practical costs to help data escalated associations in the field of bank, retail, defense, transportation and media transmission proficiently deal with their databases.

With an ideal mix of gifted experts, propelled innovation and experimented techniques, we help you keep up a spotless database. Our staff can proficiently deal with all aspects of data scrubbingand data purging, guaranteeing that it is without mistake and forward. They can oversee data of your clients, collaborators, business records and significantly more.

A nonstop Solution for Data enhancement

We likewise convey an extensive variety of extra data development administrations, for example,

  • Identifying and evacuating duplicate records
  • Identifying and updating unessential, off base, inadequate, absent, spurious, invalid, degenerate or out of date data
  • Identifying key factors in a current database
  • Suggesting new factors to improve a database
  • Database cleaning administrations
  • Address Data Cleansing
  • Adding missing points of interest, for example, first and last names, date of birth, phone numbers and postal codes
  • Suppressing data against industry standard documents, for example, MPS, GAS, TBR, NSF and so forth.
  • Enhancing databases with extra data like item characteristics, pictures and producer determinations
  • Tagging comparative records after a manual survey
  • Interlinking and solidifying different data sources
  • Converting CRM frameworks from an arrangement of records, tables or databases

Yunax’s Data Maintenance Services will review, refresh, and keep up your databases frequently. With data being the focus of our business, we offer the entire range of offerings including data quality arrangements, data cleaning, data cleanliness and contact data insight. Also, we have an extensive comprehension of each and how they cooperate to help you. We will incorporate the correct offerings to keep your B2B contacts CRM clean and doing the best it ought to.


Upgrade your data to get your business wheels turning easily!

We polish data until the entire framework is spotless. How far would you go to get amazing data? With Yunax Technologies, you have the chance to get everything settled with insignificant exertion on your part. Our data scrubbing solutions will catch the hard part of your plan

Really, it’s altogether associated. Begin and go every way till the entire framework is perfect. Is getting your data approved and your contacts confirmed what you would killing for? At that point slaughter some more to get everything settled without applying excessively. We have the ideal data cleanliness solution and scrubbing services for you!

Benefits of our Data Scrubbing services

Quality Assurance : We take after a stringent Quality Control process (ISO 9001: 2008 guaranteed). A devoted group of value checkers would check the data for irregularities. Any data which does not meet the quality principles is sent back to the usage group for re-work. In this way guaranteeing the last yield got from the customer is profoundly precise.

Highly prepared workforce and best in class innovation : We have an exceptionally prepared workforce every one of whom have unlimited experience chipping away at undertakings of changing complexities. We utilize propelled programming which may not be accessible with you in-house. What’s more, our designers can tweak programming according to the necessity of the particular data.

Access to effective venture administration : At Yunax Technologies we have extended chiefs who are exceedingly prepared, propelled and experienced. Our venture chiefs are included in each progression of the venture from beginning to end. They are in charge of guaranteeing that timetables are met without trading off on quality. Consistent updates are sent by them to customers and all input got from you is passed on to the execution groups.

Low Cost Our data scrubbing administrations are performed at low expenses guaranteeing incredible investment funds from the customer.

Data Security : We take after reasonable exchange hones and guarantee that customer data is constantly protected from fake clients. A non-revelation assention is marked by us before the start of any venture. Consistent data reinforcements are kept up by our group pioneers in secure space.


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