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Most associations, huge or small, never understand the significance of the need of database upgrades until they become sufficiently expansive to warrant it. By then this whole confusion can overwhelm even to the best organizations. Numerous copies of a similar entry can bring about a considerable measure of waste, unfavorably influence process competence and as a general rule, can without much of a stretch transform into a massive ruin of unwanted and repetitive data.

Get Best data de-duplication services!

Yunax Technologies give outstandingly valuable data deduplication services to beat every one of these issues and considerably more. Our great services are intended to lessen your overall storage space, effectively compose your data, and help you in staying away from data duplication all through your database. Our data deduplication techniques guarantee that your association’s database is totally purified of undesirable and distracting data.

Our Data Deduplication Services

Yunax Technologies has been giving quality data deduplication administrations to over many years to customers around the world. Our unlimited experience of having worked with various customers helps us realize unique organizations and give the required services customized according to their prerequisites.

A portion of the key services we offer incorporate –

  • Data Comparing – Comparing distinctive arrangements of information and checking for duplicate entries
  • Data Matching – coordinating of data to recover the most essential and basic information
  • Data Merging – Merging of related data into groups for effective storage and staying away from data jumble
  • Data Purging – Deleting and rejecting of information which have numerous records
  • Data Integration – Consolidating and incorporating information in dissimilar databases
  • Database Deduping – Creating a minimal and a washed down database free of all duplicate passages

Our Data Deduplication Process

We know the advantages of data deduplication and take after a smooth procedure to furnish our customers with superb data deduplication services. Our savvy administrations help our customers to spare impressive measure of time and cash. Our procedures are inspected routinely with a specific end goal to keep up its quality. The procedures we take after incorporate the accompanying steps :

  1. Data Preparation
  2. Streamline Match Strings
  3. Decide Duplicates
  4. Confirmation of duplicates
  5. Merging parallel Records

Why Choose Yunax Technologies for Data Deduplication Services?

Our pool  of data entry masters is all around prepared to give a totally spotless data de-duplication services. We see each plan of action and give the administrations as needs be. A portion of the motives you pick us are:

  • We take after a strict data de-duplication procedure which guarantees that no data has copies and furthermore important data do not get erased
  • We have a few levels of data checking before the last duplicate is made and keep up a high state of exactness of around 98%
  • We have access to a portion of the state of the art framework and cutting edge advancements to give the best data deduplication services
  • We offer the services at financially savvy costs and can help you set aside to 60% of the working expenses
  • The data you convey to us is totally secure and we take after total confidentiality of the same
  • Our data entry experts are prepared from chief establishments and can deal with any sort of data deduplication needs

On the off chance that you are searching for a perfect and trustworthy data deduplication specialist organization then look no further. Keep in touch with us or converse with one of our agents and we will hit you up inside 24 hours with an tainted solution for your requirements.


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