Data capture alludes to the way towards collecting, organizing, arranging, translating and putting away data in an electronic organization. Associations utilize data capture administrations to change physical data into an electronic arrangement and to sort out and deal with this data adequately.

Yunax Technologies, a pioneer in outsourcing has astounding aptitude in data capture administrations. Through years of experience and skill we have turned out to be a pioneer in giving data capture arrangements. At Yunax Technologies, a common data capture services include electronic data capture utilizing data filtering strategies like optical character recognition (OCR) and radio frequency Identification (RFID); Image Deskew, data preparing, data examination and data storage.

Why we are the masters in data capture administrations?

Why would it be a good idea for you to data capture administrations to Yunax Technologies?

Does your organization require a specialist to capture data for you? Is it accurate to say that you are hoping to change over your sound, video or transcribed files into data positions which can be effortlessly decoded? In the event that you are, pick Yunax Technologies as your data capture outsourcing accomplice.

Yunax Technologies is expert in each stem of data capture in particular; paper to picture conversion, archive imaging administrations and data processing administrations. We utilize best in class innovation to process outside data positions like content, picture, sound or video into the yield organizes that you imagine. Our conversion strategies pooled with our accomplished workforce can bolster high volume ventures like the accompanying:

  • Processing of forms
  • Electronic publication
  • File transformation
  • Data extraction from the web

At Yunax, the procedures utilized for data capture are pre-tested and quality-affirmed, adequately giving an outright level of precision. Throughout the years, we have grown hugely in the specialty of data capture through a consistent incorporation with a scope of modern clients and giving them quality administrations and obliging their inflexible delivery needs.

How would you profit with data capture services of Yunax Technologies

  • Time-measured and best in class procedures to capture data
  • Highly talented experts to deal with the data capture techniques
  • Exceptional and particular quality yield
  • Supreme delivery time frames
  • Perfect classification and security of your inestimable data
  • The finest grade of client administration
  • Sophisticated strategies
  • Unquestionable confidentiality
  • Incomparable costs

Data Capture Services Simplified in Yunax

Yunax, a top data capture organization has turned out to be a pioneer in capturing data from more than 130 million archives every year. We take monstrous pride in preparing data capture outsourcing ventures for its honored clients. Contact Yunax Technolgies to experience a new way of data capture administrations! Data is caught from different assets like hand written files, for example,

  • Survey frames
  • Research frames
  • Scanned bills
  • Bills
  • Photographs
  • Checks
  • Directories
  • Business cards
  • Health records
  • Charts
  • Graphs
  • Questionnaires
  • Applications
  • Web

The captured data is gone along with an excel sheet or keyed into a CRM or into some other same  software. At Yunax, we comprehend the criticality of data and utilize the business best measures to guarantee 100% data security. We work by getting into customer’s server utilizing secured VPN innovation or by working offline.

Data capture methods at Yunax Technologies

At Yunax Technologies, we utilize a variety of methods to meet your data capture prerequisites perfectly. Data capture staff who is  the best in the business achieve the accompanying systems:

  • Long-range and short-run scanning
  • Linear imaging
  • RF labeling
  • 2D array imagers
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
  • ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition)
  • Linear imagers
  • Tally chats

Yunax is the keystone to every Data Capture Services

  • At Yunax, our exceptionally gifted and committed group of experts captures data from file formats, for example, PDF, text file, excel format, image and so forth.
  • Delivering you a solid and snappy administration, helping you understand more than 45% in cost reductions.
  • Guaranteed with 100% data security.
  • A fastidious approval technique, trailed by a 3-stage quality control routine – together guarantee the most precise, reliable deliverable.
  • We use the best scanners in the business to filter and enter the data from the files.

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