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We, Yunax Technologies offer a broad scope of data abstraction benefits of a group of specialists who are outfitted with a wide range of refreshed devices and innovations. In the mean to furnish you with such services, our group of exceedingly gifted and expert specialists complete broad perusing exercises.

By picking up an inside and out comprehension of the subject, all the essential and vital data is isolated. Such data are displayed in an extremely exact and deliberate way. With appropriate headings and visual cues, all the data are spoken to such that your deduction of data unravels a definitive reason.

Advantages of our Data abstraction solutions

  • Journal papers
  • Contracts
  • Lease archives
  • Medical records
  • Research papers
  • Title hunts or titles
  • Books
  • News
  • Sales data
  • Financial records
  • Consumer contacts

Our financially savvy and time productive deliberation services completed by master experts empower us to serve our customers with hundred percent achievement proportions. We offer distinctive levels of data abstraction services which can facilitate client’s trades

Key components of our Data Abstraction Services include:

  • Gathering, perusing, checking on, removing the required data and subtle elements from expansive volumes of information
  • Compressing the key focuses on a smaller and fresh way alongside significant references, keeping all the critical data from the source report in place
  • Utilizing an assortment of assets like web, printed records, customer reports, and so on, to scan for your required snippet of data
  • Stringent quality review, altering and sealing, for exact and predominant output

At Yunax Technologies we feel proud ourselves on the dedication, polished skill, and steadiness of our workforce, which is unique. We have been running effective Data Abstraction operations since 2006. We see how progressing technology and systems function to empower data abstractions, section and data processing.


Why Work With Us

  • Adaptable Outsourcing Options : We will work straightforwardly with your office to give an answer that fits your necessities. our accomplished data abstractions masters will work with whatever Core Measures seller you utilize.
  • Unmatched Experience : As a seller since the commencement of Core Measures, Yunax has built up a sharp comprehension of the measure determinations, transmission procedures, and conversion activities related with data accumulation and examination.
  • Enhance Your Team’s Knowledge : Yunax Technologies can prepare your abstractors on the progressions to the measurement rules to guarantee their knowledge.
  • Put Your Team Where They’re Needed : Our data abstraction services permit your doctor’s facility to reallocate rare clinical assets to execution conversion, use audit and case service.

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