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Our group of CRM data entry authorities orders basic data about your current and additionally new clients including their contact subtle elements, topography and demography data, purchasing examples, inclinations and psychographics, in this manner giving you a thorough record of each association between your organization and the client.

We can precisely mine data from an assortment of CRM programming, for example, Salesforce, SugarCRM, Sage CRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Vtiger, and so forth.

Have a Look at Our Stunning CRM Data Mining Services

As a component of CRM data mining services, our specialists:

  • Extract client purchasing designs, buy history, lists of things to get, criticism, and so forth., from vast data sets in the CRM
  • Capture client associations with the organization by means of telephone calls, messages, and different methods of communication
  • Collate and arrange client contact data, including name, telephone and fax number, email address, private and authority address, and so forth.
  • Gather data to recognize cross selling and up-offering openings
  • Identify and gather data identified with deals and advertising efforts, including costs, reaction figures, number of conversions, and so on.

Yunax Technologies had been given the most acceptable services to the client with the assistance of CRM data mining India experts.


  • Descriptive examination and prescient displaying
  • Segmentation and bunching to investigate an example of behavior among a specific gathering of clients
  • Define the business objective
  • Construct advertising database
  • Analyze database
  • Visualize/investigate a model

Points of interest :

  • Outreach to the client will be more
  • Helps to distinguish and come to the focused on gathering of people
  • Increase your market nearness
  • Improved client connection
  • Helps in better understanding business to client connections and the other way around
  • Identifying the clients who expect to take off
  • Increase the estimation of the current fulfilled clients and building long haul associations with them

Benefits with us :

  • Outsource CRM data mining services lessen operational cost by up to 60%
  • The idea of client incentive as the service policy
  • 100% exactness of the data
  • Confidentiality and reliability of our CRM data mining services
  • CRM data mining experts are very skilled with their proactive and straightforward approach
  • Attracting new clients
  • Analyze the effect of outer market variables like bank loan costs, expansion and so on the business

Our Master Services Regarding CRM Data Mining

CRM Data Mining is a basic stride to add insight into client designs and continuous business patterns, supporting your organization in keeping up focused edge and also accomplishing operational perfection.

At Yunax Technologies CRM data mining  services are planned to do quite recently that: Identify client examples and help you gain and hold them while executing client centered techniques and driving organization’s development.

As a way to distinguish, know and give better client benefit, CRM assumes an essential part in helping little to huge endeavors in enhancing client dedication, building continuing connections and amplifying benefits.

With our rich cluster of CRM Data Mining services, we give the experience to worldwide customers to better use client data and change over it into significant and  helpful data. Our CRM data mining specialists help in gathering basic data as well as sifting, sorting out and abridging it to give you simple to-get to and recover data.

Why Outsource CRM Data Discovery Services to Yunax Teachnologies ?

Our CRM data mining services are built to change over your client and business data into business insight that gives you an enlightening preferred standpoint.

CRM data mining undertaking to us to pick up a 360 degree perspective of your clients and access to data over all client touch-focuses, for example, web-based social networking, appraisals and audits, site, value-based and showcasing messages, client benefit work area, subsequent meet-ups, and so on.

  • We hold broad involvement in mining data from various industry verticals, for example, Media and Telecommunications, IT/ITeS, Real Estate, Legal, Banking and Finance, Non-Profit Organizations, and so on.
  • Our CRM data mining experts can recognize concealed examples and give you important data to client procurement and maintenance
  • Our point is to help you win-back clients lost to contenders by giving them magnificent client benefit

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