Data Entry

Online Data Entry, Copy Paste Services, Offline Data Entry, PDF Data Entry, Data Capture, Archiving and Indexing

Data Mining

Web Research, Healthcare Data Mining, Website Data Scraping, Social Media Research, CRM Data Mining etc.

Document Conversion

XHTML/XML Conversion, Pubmed Conversion Services, DTBooks Conversion Services, XBRL Conversion, Adobe PDF Conversion

Data Processing

MS Word Processing, Forms Processing, Document Image Processing, Document Image Processing etc.

Data Cleansing

Data De-Duplication, Data Verification / Validation, Data Standardization, Scanning and OCR, Data Scrubbing

Data Management

Address Management, Sales Support services, Data Analytics, Database Development, Data Abstraction, Document Management.

eBook Conversion

ePub Conversion Services, Nook Fixed Layout Format, ePub3 Conversion Services, Minipocket (Kindle) Conversion

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