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Keeping up a compelling address database requires exact and steady data entry. Wrong or deficient contact database frequently hampers deals and promoting execution. A few of your prospects could have changed their address, telephone number, email id or even their work environment, abandoning you with excess and inadequate data development.

Address Management Company

With Yunax Technologies, associate with your clients all the more effectively. Make your advertising efforts, contact the appropriate individuals at the perfect time. Yunax team helps you with all the imperative constituents of address management including gathering, storage, standardization and refreshing to keep perfect and precise deals contact data and not only that, we devotedly keep up it as well!


Your Satisfaction is our pleasure

Tell to us your address data documents or request that we work without any preparation and we will oversee both of the undertakings with most extreme exactness and precision for you in a quick and proficient way mitigating you of the drudgery of tedious address data management.

Utilizing the standard and broadly acknowledged postal address data arrange as the reason for organizing, reproducing or designing universal information, we have created exhaustive global database, preparing system, guaranteeing that each address field has the correct parts for ideal deliverability of information.

The services we deliver..

  • Purging, Standardizing and Verifying Your Data : Yunax Technologies can help you ideal for settling harmed global information records that have been crushed into incomprehensible information designs in your contact database to distinguishing mutilated or missing exceptional characters and amending or reinserting them again into the information document. We help you with:
  • Address De-duplication : A run of the mill client database around contains 10% in copy records. As addresses can be composed in an assortment of ways, the way toward recognizing and sticking copy records is testing. Yunax Technology helps you chase down any excess information, keeping your unique informational index in place and guaranteeing no unique esteem is lost.
  • Address Verification and Validation : With our address check services, we tidy up your postal information, approve it and enhance the deliverability of any address.
  • Address Standardization : We institutionalize the address, guaranteeing that it is finished, very much organized with no event of missing city, state, or ZIP Code data, completely illuminated, and truncated according to the Postal Service standard shortenings.

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